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Incredible Crew is a American sketch-comedy television series created and produced by Nick Cannon. The series premiered on Cartoon Network on January 24, 2013, but had a sneak preview on December 31, 2012. The series was produced by Cartoon Network Studios, in association with Cannon's company N'Credible Entertainment. In July 2013, Cartoon Network announced that Incredible Crew had been cancelled after one season.


Six talented teenagers participate in surreal comedy acts, original music videos, hidden camera pranks, and commericials parodies using sequitr humor from the mind of entertainer, Nick Cannon.


  • Shauna Case
  • Shameik Moore
  • Tristan Pasterick
  • Chanelle Peloso
  • Jeremy Shada
  • Brandon Soo Hoo


  • This is the second sketch-comedy series made by Cannon, as the first one being was Short Circuitz on MTV.
  • This show is Cartoon Network's debut live-action sketch-comedy series.
  • The series is named after Cannon's N'Credible Entertainment, which also produces the show.
  • This is Cannon's first show that has premiered on Cartoon Network.
  • A music video "Runnin' Errands with My Mom" which was released as a promo for the show's premiere and has gained over one million views.
  • Jeremy Shada, who is a cast member on the show is also a voice actor for Finn the Human on the show "Adventure Time" which like the show also airs on Cartoon Network.